Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Three new

I've got three new pieces finished since my last post.

Self-portrait. I think I love this one the most because it is the most personal and because it incorporates my insane love for discarded and old objects.:

Lock and Key:

Big Brass Heart Lock and Key:

I'm home today. It was predicted that we would be slammed with 2 feet of snow but the reality is that we ended up with 2 inches. I love a good snow storm and I'm disappointed that the snow did not deliver. But, at the same time, I'm ready for the coming of spring. More so this year than any other year I can remember. I'm planting the ideas for a new life during this time of cold hibernation; it's the spring that moves me in to real action.


  1. I was glad we didn't get too much snow. A couple inches here and there are okay but blizzards are a pain because no one can stay home so there are piles and piles of dirty, frozen snow and ice for weeks everywhere. Bleh. Now, in Switzerland maybe... in a chalet, with mountain views, sipping hot chocolate for a couple weeks... I'm so there. LOL

    I like a cold winter, but pretty soon I'll be anticipating Spring.

    Hi, Jane!! Hey, I love seeing all your beautiful jewels at FB but since I'm back to my blog for awhile I just wanted to swing by and say hello here.

  2. Those pieces are very lovely I've said it before and I will say it agin your talent amazes me ! Let me know if you ever sell any of your creations .

    Peace and Hugs